Writing Playlist: Romance

The first romance novels I read that stuck with me came from the minds of Nora Roberts and Julie Garwood. I gobbled up the tales of a gifted shop owner reconnecting with the handsome older brother of her murdered best friend, a boat racing badass falling in love with the goodhearted social worker assigned to his ward’s case, and a strong-willed heroine who’s laird falls in love with her (yeah, I know it’s the secondary love story in that novel, but damn it I loved Ramsey and Bridgid’s journey).

Turns out, writing romance is not as easy as reading it. Still fun! But requires a good deal of work in order to recreate the same kind of investment and emotion that I felt each and every time I picked up one of those books. Ultimately that’s the goal, isn’t it? To create a believable, memorable romance that a reader would watch unfold with stars in their eyes, laughing breathlessly at the pair’s witty banter, sighing as they open up to one another and their bond deepens, fanning themselves at the slow burn or explosion of desire.

While you’re torturing your characters as they pine for one another and hit obstacle after obstacle on their way to true love, give this romance playlist a listen for more inspiration. Not a writer? Pick up your favorite romance or the next one on your list and let these tunes play.