Writing Playlist: Folk

I don’t know about you, but I use playlists like a mood board for my ears when I’m writing. Creating playlists is a zen-like, soothing activity that prepares me for whatever manuscript, article, or scene I’m writing. The vibe, atmosphere, setting, and feel of a scene informs the music I choose to help me get in the right headspace to bring it to life.

Folk music, which is a fairly wide umbrella, is a genre I listen to when I’m writing quieter scenes. Soft brushstrokes of romance; a long car ride through a lush forest or wide open plain; a moment of painful introspection when a character is alone; a deep conversation on a summer’s night while the katydids drone. Soft, yet key scenes that develop characters and pull you further into the setting, help you hear it and taste it and feel it. 

As these images spin into scenes in my head, I hear mandolins, violins, and guitar strums. And so I’d like to impart to you some of my recent favorites; hopefully they, too, will inspire you as you write. Or just stream this while you’re at work or brainstorming; let these tunes work their magic!