red heart lying among fallen leaves

Writing Playlist: Longing

This is a good time to talk about love, right? It’s always a good time to talk about love and all the forms it arrives in.

This playlist is where the pining and longing lives. The not-yet-together yearning; the unrequited love; the slow burn as emotions build and mount and tense until the slightest pressure would snap it in half. 

I happen to have some yearning manifesting in my current WIP. It grows beautifully as the two characters are forced into close proximity with one another, and they realize they have more in common than they knew. The songs in this playlist pay homage to how it feels when the object of your affection is so devastatingly close, and yet so far. Unspoken feelings abound in these songs, whether it’s for someone who just isn’t aware of how loved they truly are, or that someone is with someone else.

So yes, I suppose, this is a playlist about love. About romance. But it’s mostly a playlist about the forms love takes when it has not come to fruition yet — or cannot.